Get rid of rough sex techniques

According to a recent opinion survey, women's views on sex are much better than men's. Now women are more active in sex than before. Although women expect better feelings of being loved in sex, few women seem to be fully satisfied in real life. This is because men tend to be trapped in penis (male) supremacism and neglect it. Women become sexy all over their body.


To satisfy women's "better feeling" sexual skills, it is necessary to understand some ways to deepen love through sex.


How to develop women's systemic sexy zones?


The first stage is completely sexually inexperienced.

In the first stage of developing sexuality, the most important thing is skin contact. Less experienced women, whose sexuality is often suppressed by anxiety or shame, are relieved by skin contact, and then open sexuality.

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The second stage is that although they have sexual experience, they haven't had orgasm receptors yet.

This is centered on the combination of sexual organs and organs. Women's sexuality has increased due to the number of sexual intercourse, but has not yet reached the climax. Ninety percent of women will think when they reach this stage.

“Can't they have a deeper feeling?” "Is there something not yet perfect?"

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The third stage is women with orgasm.

At this time, if men can develop women's sexy zones one by one, it will give women the joy of becoming sexy zones all over the body. Once women's whole body has become sexy zones, they will rub each other's body, they will have a sense of integration. In this way, she will be guided to a more beautiful state! This is the final third stage of sexy development.

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After many times of sex life, the excitement of the first sex gradually disappeared. The novelty was no longer there. The hug at the beginning, the joy and intoxication brought by the combination of sexual organs had also become a thing of the past. Are there other places besides the sexual organs where you can feel better?

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