How to use sex toys when love

However, for those who have not used sex toys, it is impossible to imagine how effective sex toys are and how attractive they are to make them obsessed with countless people. Here, let's see how netizens use sex toys to make sex more interesting and more passionate! Perhaps you can learn a lot of alternative sex skills from there!

User Sam (male): there is a "color" joke 

Sex toys recommended by netizen Sam are fun toys of various shapes.

Remote Control Vibrator Kegel ball Vibrating Egg Vibrating Tongue Teaser Toy10 Speed Bullet Vibrating Dildo

The secret of upgrading: In fact, these things have little practical function, which is suitable for giving people and making "smiles." I used to send such a toy to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day, and started a little joke. Although she kicked me with a slap in the face when I met, I knew that the fun between us increased another step.

Netizen Nichole (male): super shock and stimulation

Of course, there are also weight levels among sex lovers.

Wireless Remote Control Wearable Butterfly Wearable Butterfly Vibrator 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Dildo 12 Mode Realistic Ejaculating Dildo Vibrator

Tips for upgrading: If you are willing to enter the sex shop, you will find that all aspects of fantasy have corresponding products to respond to you, meticulous imagination, thoughtful design and the eroticism you originally envisioned are not a concept at all. The care of human culture is everywhere. For example, the adult remote control butterfly, I used to see only in the small adult cartoon of the cliff, I thought it was definitely a kind of hurting toy, but in fact its design is perfect. It has a comfortable texture and a butterfly shape that is close to the body. It is firmly fixed on the body with a belt-like design. The wife said that he can enjoy the pleasure anywhere. There are many other items in our lives, which keeps our sex life highly attracted to each other.

Finally, let me share some tips for maintenance of sex toys......

The average adult toy is made of silicone and is a softer material. Correct maintenance is important, otherwise it may cause deterioration, peeling or cracking of the silicone.

Before opening, please avoid sharp objects such as nails, scissors, and the edges of the box, which may damage adult toys. When used, it must be used with a lubricant. The lubricant is recommended to be water-based. Some adult toys may dissolve when exposed to oily lubricants. In use, if the water-based lubricant is dry, it must be added with appropriate amount of water to moisten it to avoid damage to the inside or outside of the adult toy. After use, just rinse thoroughly with clean water, avoid using shower gel, soap, detergent, etc. Detergents are usually alkaline and can damage a layer of oil that protects the surface of adult toys, causing degradation of the silicone. When storing, be sure to dry the inside and the surface. It is recommended to sprinkle with hazelnut powder and store in a clean, flat surface container that prevents moisture loss and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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